R21 Arkitekter have developed a project for residential tower on behalf of Solon Eiendom in Ski, Oslo. The development in Ski follows the development of a new train line, reducing the travel time to Oslo to 13 minutes. The project contains 40 dwellings and becomes part of a rural neighbourhood with 500 housing units. The point building stands in a special relation to four other housing towers and this has influences the design of the tower.
With a compact building volume as the starting point, the relationship to the neighbouring buildings has resulted in a more oblong shape. This does justice to the potential of the plans and makes more out of the space in between the towers. Each housing unit gets similar qualities in a flexible plan, with light from two directions, large balconies and extra floor height. The stair shaft has a skylight and open light shafts near the entrance doors. All the housing units have a window towards the stair shaft. Double height balconies bring the light deep into the apartments. Different sizes of apartments ensure a varied housing environment.
In an area with no dominant facade material, our goal has been to establish a quiet and unifying palette of materials. The project will have a façade I glazed green terracotta, with matching green hues on steel, aluminium and wood. 

Architects: R21 Arkitekter
Location: Ski, Norway
Client: Solon Eiendom Commission
Type: Direct commission (2017), on-going
Program: New housing building with 50 apartments
Area: 4000.0 m2
Photographs: R21 Arkitekter